Night Walk (2020)

• Run time: 1h 30m • Release: 2021

Bachelor Lions (2020)

• Run time: 1h 30m • Release: 2020 on Amazon Prime

Gone with Ivana (2018)

• Run time: 1h 30m • Release: March 2021


14 Days

As the pandemic continues to change the world, this documentary takes an intimate look and follows the often times neglected individuals in the Philippine society. Distinct stories intertwined by survival, one day at a time.


Blood Without Tears

José Santos, a down-on-his-luck Filipino doctor living in East LA, is barely clinging to a practice that caters to the city’s working poor and new immigrants, In other words, he’s broke — so he jumps at the pile of cash…


Here comes The Vegas Show!

Ole Entertainment is now in partnership with Mr. Kenneth Dixon / a Warner Brothers producer to bring you the exciting latest updates regarding Las Vegas’

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Night Walk (Trailer)

Bachelor Lions (Trailer)

Gone With Ivana Nguyen Teaser


We’re excited to announce that Night Walk, Ole Entertainment’s award-winning film is now available on Amazon and Apple TV.

Ole Entertainment’s very own Ivana Nguyen is an executive producer and actor in the film!