Night Walk

When American atheist Frank falls in love with young Arab Sarah, he decides to propose to the witty Muslim girl in her hometown. But corrupt Islamic police catch them in a deceiving situation and demand bribes to let them go. Instead, the protagonists escape. To stop them, the cops open fire and kill Sarah. With a corrupt judge in power, they frame Frank for murder. Deported back to the States, Frank starts a spiritual journey in jail after befriending his cell mate Ayman, a moderate Muslim convert opposed to the powerful gang of fundamentalists. And since his co-worker is killed after nosing in the judge’s illegal business, Frank’s last resort to prove his innocence is to break out and wreak revenge on him.

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Cast Information

Eric Roberts as “Judge Jude”

Eric Roberts is an American actor. He achieved recent recognition for his feat of acting in over 150 films between 2013 and 2015. His career began with King of the Gypsies (1978), earning a Golden Globe Award nomination for Best Actor Debut. He earned both a Golden Globe and Academy Award nomination for his supporting role in Runaway Train (1985). Through the 1990s and 2000s he maintained dramatic film and TV film roles while appearing in TV series. He starred in Batman: The Dark Knight and The Expendables.

Eric Roberts will play a corrupt American judge who keeps the hero in jail through a twisted scheme.

Laouni “La Fouine” Mouhid as “Ayman”

Laouni Mouhid commonly known by his stage name La Fouine is a French rapper, singer-songwriter, record producer and actor of Moroccan origin. He owns his own record label, Banlieue Sale Music, and his own clothing line called “Street Swag”. He is an established figure in French rap and has won numerous awards including MTV Europe Music Awards for Best French Artist and at least three “Victoire de la musique” for his album La Fouine vs. Laouni. He is also an actor, known for District 13: Ultimatum, and The New Adventures of Aladdin.

Ayman is the lead Muslim inmate who mentors the young protagonist when he arrives in jail. He embodies the maturity and wisdom of a family man who lost everything but accepts his fate to purge his sins.

Patrick Kilpatrick as “Louis”

Patrick Kilpatrick has been one of the finest screen and television actors and villains of his generation. He has played against a spectrum of Hollywood’s leading action heroes while occasionally delivering the redemptive, even sensitively challenged, hard-edged heroic role. It was his work on James Cameron’s Dark Angel series that led Steven Spielberg to seek him out for Minority Report (2002). His action film appearances, in a multitude of genres, embrace an international Who’s Who of leading men: Arnold Schwarzenegger and James Caan in Eraser (1996); Last Man Standing (1996) opposite Bruce Willis; Under Siege 2: Dark Territory (1995) opposite Steven Segal; The Presidio (1988) opposite Sean Connery and Mark Harmon; HBO’s Premiere Films adaptation of Louis L’Amour’s The Quick and the Dead (1987); and the ever-popular action mainstay Death Warrant (1990) opposite Jean-Claude Van Damme. He has even done battle with the largest mammal on earth in Free Willy 3: The Rescue (1997). He recently was up for a nomination for a Primetime Emmy Award as a Guest Star in a Drama Series for his role in NCIS: Los Angeles.

Patrick will be the prison guard Louis, a ruthless deputy who is completely biased against the Muslim penitentiary population and illegally mistreats them.

Richard Tyson as “John”

Richard Tyson landed one of his first roles on the hit TV show Moonlighting with Bruce Willis and Cybil Shepherd. Richard’s career took off from there and hasn’t shown any sign of slowing down since. He is best known for his roles as Buddy Revell in Three O’clock High, Cullen Crisp in Kindergarten Cop opposite Arnold Schwarzenegger and Perry in Two Moon Junction. With a long list of film credits including Black Hawk Down, There’s Something About Mary, Kingpin, Genghis Khan and many others, Richard has shared the screen with a wide array of actors including Charlton Heston, Orlando Bloom, Ben Stiller and John Travolta.

In Night Walk, Richard plays a prison guard unwary of the conditions of the inmates and backing Louis in any evil initiative he takes.

Louis Mandylor as the prison warden

Mandylor was born in Melbourne, Australia but has enjoyed success in US television shows, such as a prominent guest appearance on Relic Hunter with Tia Carrere. Louis is probably most famous for his role in the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Other major roles include playing Louis Malone in Martial Law alongside Sammo Hung. Mandylor appeared in the sitcom Friends, pretending to be Joey’s twin in The One With Unagi. Additionally, he appeared in the third season of CSI: Miami as a robber/killer.

Louis is the prison warden who lets Louis run the institution as long as he is left clean from all trouble and consequences and can keep pocketing more diverted money.

Sean Stone as “Frank”

Sean Ali Stone is an American actor with an extensive filmography. He is the son of film director Oliver Stone. He converted to Shia Islam in 2012 and in an interview with CNN, said that he accepted Muhammad as the seal of the prophets. Grown up in the film-world he acted since childhood in his father’s films, including The Doors, JFK, Natural Born Killers and Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, before becoming a director with Graystone, a movie based on his experiences of exploring haunted mental asylums. Sean also sits on the Board of Advisors for the company MindShare Ventures Group based in New York City. The company is involved in several business areas, including entertainment, commodities, healthcare, real estate, tech and venture capital. He is also the host of the TV show Watching the Hawks on RT America, which examines the worlds of media, politics and pop culture from different  perspectives.

Sarah Alami as “Sarah”

Sarah Alami is a professional actress and model, Born in Chicago, Illinois. Her unique beauty can be attributed to the combination of her Arabic and Irish heritage. Sarah is the face of Olay Cosmetics and has been featured in over a hundred magazines and commercials nationwide. She was first thrown into the spotlight with her role in VH1’s Scream Queens season 2. In 2012 she began working with Sony to play “Lysandra” The wife of Kratos in God Of War. She also is in the hit webseries “Playdate” directed by Melanie Mayron.

After studying drama and theatre in Wilmette, Illinois, Sarah developed her love for acting at a very young age. Since then, Sarah has trained and showcases her talent on Chicago’s Second City Stage and continues to do improv shows with her ensemble. She has also starred in Europe’s hit series “entrapment” She recently has been featured in Ulta cosmetics, FHM, GQ and Maxim.

Ivana Nguyen as “Laurence”

Ivana is an actress and a producer. She plays Laurence, Frank’s attorney.

Eric Roberts
Laouni “La Fouine” Mouhid
Richard Tyson
Louis Mandylor
Patrick Kilpatrick
Ricco Ross
Ivana Nguyen
Directed by
Aziz Tazi
Release date
Coming Soon
Crime | Drama | Romance
Lena River productions
Alexander Media
Ole Entertainment
Casa Media Partners
Written By
Aziz Tazi
Produced by
Tatyana Bulgakova
Alex Cooray
Ivana Nguyen
Aziz Tazi
Maria Tazi
Mostapha Mellouk