Buhay Habangbuhay (Life Afterlife) Review by Cinema Bravo

Buhay Habangbuhay (Life Afterlife) Review by Cinema Bravo

Based on the graphic novel by Paolo Herras and Tepai Pascual, Buhay Habangbuhay presents itself as a refreshing look at how powerful an adaptation could be as long as done effectively through the advantages of both mediums.

The film begins all too sudden with death: a housewife slips in the kitchen and kills herself—much to the shock of her husband who cannot do anything to bring her back. It was all too quick that even the shortest of breath could not survive her, and the least the man can do is to grieve over the loss of a dutiful wife. “Sandy!” he shouts in the midst of worry. This is the only word heard in the midst of chaos, the only sound that resonates with volume other than the shatter of the plate and the hopes broken all the same.

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