Blood Without Tears

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LOGLINE When José Santos, a broken-down Filipino doctor living in East LA, discovers Grace Salvador, an undocumented housekeeper, hiding in a closet, they quickly get caught in a web os political corruption and human trafficking as they desperately fight to shine a light into LA’s deepest, darkest shadows. SYNOPSIS José Santos, a down-on-his-luck Filipino doctor living in East LA, is barely clinging to a practice that caters to the city’s working poor and new immigrants, In other words, he’s broke — so he jumps at the pile of cash the ruthless wife of the hungry politician dangles in front of him when she appears in his office. All he has to do is treat the family’s beloved Filipino nanny Maria — but first he has to find her. He knows this Brentwood family is covering up a lot more than just an undocumented nanny, but he doesn’t have much of a choice — he needs the money. José heads to Maria’s apartment, but the only thing he finds there is a dead man on the floor and Maria’s cousin Grace hiding in the closet. She doesn’t know what happened to Maria, but she’s the only lead José’s got so he figures they better team up. As they race from seedy Eastside bars to luxury Downtown skyscrapers, José and Grace uncover a vast conspiracy of political corruption, slave labor, and violent murders lurking beneath the glamour of LA’s wealthy elite. Blood Without Tears is the hard-boiled story of two people desperately fighting to help the lost souls hiding in LA’s deepest, darkest shadows.
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